PORTLAND -- TriMet plans to roll out a ticket-buying smartphone app later this spring and is looking for people to test it before it's released.

Bus, MAX and WES Commuter Rail riders will be able to buy fares anywhere, at any time, said spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt. Just download the free app, register a debit or credit card in the secure system, and purchase tickets and passes instantly.

But first the agency wants about 150 people to sign up and test it. To participate, Altstadt said riders will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Actively participate in testing
  • Provide timely and relevant feedback
  • Willing to purchase TriMet tickets using own credit card or debit card
  • Complete up to two surveys about experiences
  • Willing to be contacted about participation in small focus groups
  • Adhere to Terms and Conditions when installing the app

Click here to sign up

Altstadt said the mobile app will help reduce costs for the agency, and bring it a step closer to an electronic fare system.

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