PORTLAND A Portland man rescued from a burning home more than a year ago had the chance to thank the firefighter who saved him during a special reunion Monday.

Daniel Cooper thanked Capt. Rian Minto for saving his life. He said the firefighters at Station 25 are heroes.

Back on March 10 of last year, Cooper was trapped inside a burning home in Southeast Portland and Minto pulled him to safety.

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Cooper doesn't actually remember any details of that day. He learned during his recovery that Minto was the first firefighter to rush into his home.

I feel fortunate to have escaped a very close call, Cooper said.

Firefighters worked quickly that day and used a special medical kit to help pull deadly cyanide from Cooper's blood stream. It played a vital role in his survival.

It was peak performance, what we train for overall. Just teamwork, working together, Minto recalled.

Cooper spent a month in a coma and many more months in the hospital recovering. He said he still has a long way to go.

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