CLACKAMAS, Ore. A group held a rally and vigil outside the Clackamas Town Center Thursday night to address gun control after a shooting there nearly four months ago.

The shooting was immediately followed by a larger mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Advocates for stricter gun control are still fighting to get the country and Congress on their side.

Gina Saraccos said she was Christmas shopping at Clackamas Town Center when the shooting happened on December 11, and she s still haunted by it.

Background: Gunman, two victims die in Clackamas mall shooting

When I hear a loud noise in a public building sometimes it startles me and I look for a place to hide, she said.

But critics say gun control will not have the effect its advocates want.

Every effort they are making is an understandable emotional response to a tragedy, said Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Foundation. But none of it will have any effect on gun crime.

Some freak is sitting in his mother s basement setting the next glory killing and instead of giving people the tools to respond to it, we re writing legislation to deny people the tools they need to respond to it, he added.

New polling consistently shows a vast majority of Americans support universal background checks. But when asked about limiting gun sales in other ways, the country is more evenly divided. Many polls show a ten-point drop in support since the Clackamas and Newtown shootings.

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