PORTLAND -- For the first time in at least 47 years, Oregon went through a year without a single child death from a fire, the state fire marshal said.

In 2012, nobody under 19 years of age died in a fire, said Oregon State Fire Marshal Mark Wallace. He said it was the first year that has happened since the office began keeping electronic records in 1965.

This is certainly good news, Wallace said. We take pride in knowing everyone involved in the Oregon fire service, volunteer and career folks alike, have done their part in this positive outcome.

There were also no deaths recorded for adults between 20 and 30 years old.

He added that while the news was welcome, even one death is too many. There were 22 adult deaths and 236 injuries in Oregon fires in 2012.

Adults over 60 accounted for 62 percent of the residential fire deaths in 2012. The fire marshal's office has developed an Older Adult Fire and Fall Prevention program to help reduce those numbers.

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