SALEM -- A man found by a K-9 officer after a high-speed chase in a stolen truck Friday had committed several more crimes before the pursuit, police said.

Robert Atkinson, 23, was arrested Friday for stealing a Ford F-150 and attempting to elude police, but investigators learned he also stole several items from the Cascade School District and a nearby Bi-Mart, said Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Don Thompson.

Background: Suspect nabbed in Salem high-speed chase

Atkinson is now accused of breaking into the school district's maintenance yard and stealing stereo equipment and computer parts from several vehicles. He loaded the property into a maintenance truck, and then stole the truck, leaving it behind a gas station on Shaff Road, Thomson said.

Thomson said Atkinson then loaded up a nearby F-150 with stolen items and hotwired it.

Atkinson then drove to the Stayton Bi-Mart at 1701 Shaff Road, where he stole bags of dog food, potting soil, and planter boxes that were displayed outside the front of the store, Thomson said. Soon afterward, the F-150 was reported stolen and the pursuit began.

Atkinson had been jailed Friday on charges of felony attempt to elude, possession of stolen property and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. He was also charged Monday with two counts of theft, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, and another count of unlawful use of a motor vehicle. He had just recently been released from prison after serving 16 months for a Jefferson burglary.

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