PORTLAND -- The delivery truck carrying all of that new Oregon State merchandise arrived at the downtown Portland Beaver Store so early in the morning, none of its employees were there to accept the packages.

Photos: New Beavers uniforms and logos

By the time it had circled back, roughly eight hours had passed, and hundreds of phone calls were answered.

Calling all day, said Julianne Sovince who manages the store. But our customers are really good, and said they'd just come back tomorrow.

When they do come back, they will be looking at a much different Beaver dam, for lack of a better term.

Boxes full of T-shirts were unpacked, folded and put on display. The new Beaver head logo, a new font, and a splash of metallic bronze are among the noticeable differences.

I think it looks really good now that we've seen it, rather than what was leaked last week, said Ryan Cailliet who came to the Beaver store looking for the new gear.

David Sinner, another fan, said he likes how the new look doesn't stray too far from the old.

I think they've done a good job of updating with the times, but keeping the history there he said.

The OSU history won't go away immediately either.

We will keep it around for a while, Sovince said of the old logo and lettering. So if some people aren't ready to change over entirely, they can grab some of the old stuff while it's still here.

But that won't be for very long. Oregon State and Nike will launch the new look for the Beaver athletic teams in August. It's likely the hats and jerseys, sweat shirts and rain gear will all be changed over in the team stores by Labor Day.

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