PORTLAND Five riders from PDX Bike Swarm rode from Southeast Portland to the state legislature in Salem Monday morning to voice their concerns about the Columbia River Crossing Interstate 5 bridge project.

They met on the Capitol steps with others who were frustrated with the project. The riders said they understood the need to ease congestion and provide the jobs created by the construction project, but they have concerns about the environmental impact and the timing of the project.

In this era of budget crisis, with the sequester and the Oregon budget crisis, how do we have the have the money to pay for such a small section such a small area? Dan Kaufamn with PDX Bike Swarm asked.

Monday afternoon, the Oregon Senate approved $450 million in bonds to help pay for a new bridge connecting Portland and Vancouver.

The Oregon House has already passed the funding bill. Lawmakers in Washington also have to approve matching funding for the project to go forward.

KGW reporter Art Edwards contributed to this report.

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