TIGARD A man, who witnesses said used a baseball bat to damage a couple's car and threaten them, made his first appearance in court Friday.

The road rage incident happened after a crash on Scholls Ferry Road in Raleigh Hills Thursday.

Ryan Thomas, 22, stood before a judge Friday afternoon charged with unlawful use of a weapon, and other charges may still come.

Eugen Tanase said he and his wife waited to turn into a parking lot from a center turn lane.
They were then rammed by Thomas, who was stuck in traffic in a driving lane to their right.

Thomas then got out and came at them, and then hit their Chevrolet Impala with a baseball bat.

I was on the other side of the car checking the damage. My wife was in the car and he start to curse her and me, I m going to kill you. I m going to kill you. And with the bat (he) started to hit my car, Tanase said.

Tanase is a big-rig truck driver who's logged millions of miles, but he'd never had this happen. He is not angry at Thomas and said he forgives him, but thinks he needs mental health help.

His wife agrees although she was clear that charges needed to be filed. The incident really shook her up.

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