VANCOUVER -- An Evergreen High School senior owes her life to some quick-acting adults, and an automated external defibrillator in the school that got her heart beating again.

Tuesday morning, the unidentified senior collapsed in a secretary's office. Four adults at the school immediately jumped into action.

School nurse Debbie Fowler pulled the defibrillator from the cabinet and began CPR.

Dean of students Marshall Pendleton said the girl had no pulse, and chest compressions weren't enough to bring it back.

Within, I think, 13 seconds we determined that a shock was recommended, so we cleared and allowed that to proceed, Pendleton said.

It took three shocks to bring back a good heartbeat, he said, adding that the student's prognosis was good and she was recovering.

He said similar events had happened twice before in the school within the last two years. In each case, the student made a full recovery.

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Pendleton credits the quick actions of the faculty and the ease of using an AED.

You look at a picture, you open a bag, you put two stickers on somebody s chest. That s it, he said. The machine does the rest. Everybody would be comfortable doing that.

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KGW Reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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