HILLSBORO, Ore. -- An alert Washington County deputy was credited with foiling a burglary that started with a car prowl on Mount Hood and ended in the arrests of three men on their way to a home invasion.

It's all still sinking in, said the victimized Hillsboro woman, 24, who wished to remain anonymous.

On Saturday she and some friends were at Mount Hood's Ski Bowl. When they returned to her car they noticed the passenger side window was smashed in. Her purse was gone.

I immediately started freaking out, crying, because everything else is in there, she said.

Her keys, credit cards, and license were missing. But strangely a lot of her things were still there.

There were laptops, a bunch they could've taken, but they just broke the window, snatched it (her purse), and ran, it seems like, she told KGW.

She headed for home in Hillsboro. About that same time, at Northwest 185th Avenue and Evergreen Park Way, a deputy was pulling over a vehicle for a minor traffic violation.

Inside the car were three men with extensive rap sheets, as well as a baseball bat, a large kitchen knife and a pry bar. A drug dog also found meth.

I located some drugs and weapons and learned they were on their way to burglarize somebody's home, said Deputy Josh McNeely.

That somebody was the young woman from the mountain, who would have been the victim of a home invasion if the men had not been pulled over.

I'm glad Iwas able to be at the right place at the right time and stop them before they commit that crime, McNeely said.

Everybody did what they should've done and it all worked out, the woman said.

All three men were booked into jail on several charges, including conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of burglary tools and probation violations.

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