LONGVIEW, Wash. -- An 82-year-old Longview man says he was a little sore but otherwise OK after tackling and helping police catch a felon one-third his age.

Terry Miracle was weeding in his garden Friday when heard a commotion. It was police chasing a burglary suspect identified as 27-year-old Morgan Perry Bluehorse.

The Daily News reports that as officers chased him through yards and over fences, Miracle could hear them coming closer. He told the newspaper he got in position, and as the suspect came barreling around the house, he remembered his high school football training from 65 years earlier.

He launched a cross-body block and his knee collided with the suspect's knee, tripping him up and giving police time to catch him.

Longview Police Sgt. Mike Hallowell joked that it it took a Miracle to catch the bad guy.

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