MOUNT HOOD -- Mt. Hood resorts are thrilled to pick up fresh powder this weekend. The heavy snows that hit in December left a snow depth at Timberline of 114 inches, with Mt. Hood Meadows seeing105 inches and Skibowl seeing 64 inches.

The total snowfall at 6,000 feet through Christmas day was 266 inches. Since Christmas, only 53 inches of snow has fallen at Timberline.

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Saturday's snow base is lower than four weeks ago and ranges from 44 inches at Skibowl to 83 at Mt. Hood Meadows. Timberline Lodge has a snow base of 102 inches. The snow pack at the Mt. Hood test site is 76 percent of normal.

There are still many weeks of snow to come. A typical winter season transitions through heavy snow weeks to dry weeks to heavy again.

Compared with one year ago, Mt. Hood has received 100 more inches of snow above 5,000 feet at this point in the season. Last year saw a booming 222 inches of snow on Mt. Hood from March 1 to May 10.

The 2011-2012 snow season ended up exactly normal with 65.5 inches of melted snow water equivalency. Here is hoping for a good second half of the Mt. Hood snow season.

KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill

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