During the offseason, major changes are taking place at Safeco Field, including to the outfield walls, video screen, and with food options. See our behind the scenes shots of all the work being done.

The Mariners will move portions of the outfield wall at Safeco Field for the 2013 season. The changes, which will primarily affect the left field power alley, are the first to the field dimensions since the ballpark opened in 1999.

The biggest change will be from the left field power alley area to straightaway center, where the wall will be as much as 17-feet closer to home plate.

Safeco Field will also boast the largest high definition video display screen in Major League Baseball starting in 2013.

The 56.7-feet high by 201.5-feet wide display will replace the scoreboard that has been above the centerfield seats since the stadium opened in 1999. The entire screen is the same size as the current scoreboard, but because it is a high definition screen, the video space itself is nearly 10 times the size of the current video screen.

The Mariners are adding an open-air restaurant in the ballpark s outfield called Edgar s Cantina, as well. Named after legendary DH Edgar Martinez, the eatery will feature south of the border inspired food.

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