PORTLAND - After reports of abuse from an Oregonshelter, 120 new dogs have arrived at the the Oregon Humane Society.

On Tuesday, the public was determined to make the sad story have a happy ending.

When the dogs came in thin and hungry, the already-full OHS made room for them.

The new tenants could there awhile, as the dogs are considered evidence and cannot be adopted.

They will be here until the court releases them or the defendant surrenders them, OHS Executive Director Sharon Harmon said. So, when does that happen? It could be in a few days. It could be in a few months. It could be over a year.

But, that also means 120 new mouths to feed. And that's where the public has stepped up.

It's really great to see. We have these dogs that are in great need and it's really heartwarming to see all the people come out and donate and try to help out as much as they can, said OHS employee Mark Smith.

Barbara Dutra donated four bags of dog food, toys, rawhide bones and bowls.

It's hard to see what these dogs went through and to not reach out, she said.

Hal Janneck and his wife gave $200 after he heard the news about the dogs.

It just made me, just cry, you know? he said as his eyes watered with tears.

Animal lovers Patty and Mike Jarvis came from Oregon City to drop off food they'd just purchased at Costco.

We decided we just had to do something, said Mike Jarvis.

OHS staff said by mid-afternoon Tuesday, the pantry that was pretty low on food about a week ago, was overflowing.

It's, it's really amazing, said Smith.

If you'd like to donate, contact the Oregon Humane Society at 1067 Columbia Boulevard in North Portland.

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