PORTLAND -- Secret court documents now unsealed reveal new details about why police suspect that the man accused of murdering a Lake Oswego homeowner last September had killed before.

In response to a written request by KGW, a Clackamas County Judge unsealed search warrants for Erik Meiser. The 38-year old is currently being treated at the Oregon State Hospital. He's charged in the death of Fritz Hayes.

Hayes was stabbed to death with a machete inside his Lake Oswego home, after he took a morning walk with his wife.

After Meiser's arrest in that case, detectives said he alerted jailers he wanted to speak with investigators 'about another body,' according to information written in the search warrants by Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Lee.

Police think Meiser murdered Nick Fickett, 28, of Kelso, who was found stabbed to death at his campsite last summer.

Meiser said the man was in a tent, and Meiser woke him up, wrote Cowlitz County Sheriff's Deputy Todd McDaniel. Meiser said he did not know the man.

According to the search warrant, detectives recovered bloody evidence at the Kelso crime scene, including a knife sheath and tan shorts. Crime lab technicians said the DNA on those items matched the DNA found on the machete used to kill Fritz Hayes.

Meiser has not been charged with the second murder. Cowlitz County detectives said they are still investigating, which will include another round of lab tests.

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