NASA is so confident the world won't end on 12-21-12, they've already released a video titled: Why the world didn't end yesterday.

The truth about that Mayan calendar date, according to NASA scientists, is even more interesting than the doomsday speculation.

The 12-21-12 date is actually a misinterpretation of what scientists describe as the most sophisticated time calendar ever devised, the Mayan calendar.

Dr. John Carlton, director for the Center of Bio Astronomy, an expert in radio astronomy, says a careful reading of the Mayan calendar contains nothing in the way of a doomsday prophecy.

At a recent Google hangout, NASA astronomers noted that there were no rogue asteroids or planets on any kind of collision course with Earth, and no stars posed a threat to the planet. Even our own sun, despite nearing the peak of its cyclic solar flare activity, posed no threat.

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