VANCOUVER A Vancouver police officer has been cited with obstructing police at his Washougal home after two standoffs with officers.

Washougal police pulled over Vancouver officer Jeremy Free last Saturday on M Street. Also in the vehicle were an adult female and two small children, investigators said.

The Washougal officer said he smelled a strong odor of intoxicants inside the car and asked Free to roll down his window. Police said after the officer called for backup, Free continued to argue and refused to follow any commands by the officers. Officers were also concerned the driver would try to flee, so spike strips were placed in front and behind of the vehicle.

They also did not want to force their way into the car because of the children.

Police issued him the citation for obstruction and later got a search warrant for his cell phones.

While police were at his home on Wednesday trying to serve the warrant, Free appeared on an inside stair landing with a gun in his hand and a cell phone in his other hand.

Free refused to comply in any way with officers as he called 911.

A standoff lasted nearly an hour, until Free eventually exited the house and was taken into custody.

He was booked and later released from the Washougal Police Department. The investigation is ongoing more charges may be filed.

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