PORTLAND - A large tree branch that crashed into a Northeast Portland apartment building Monday wasn't the only incident related to the latest high winds.

The winds, combined with the rain-soaked ground, has created a shaky situation for many people who have tall trees around their homes and businesses.

At the McKenzie Court Apartments, no one was hurt, but the fallen tree branch did serious damage to the staircase at NE 160th and Halsey. The branch also took out some nearby power lines.

Ted Johnson was sleeping just on the other side of the wall.

I was sound asleep and got woken up by some kind of rumble... I didn't know what it was. I didn't hear anything, I just felt a vibration and that's what woke me up, he said.

Arborists said current conditions in the Portland Metro area have made tree branches very rain-soaked and heavy. The roots can also pull up, if the ground is saturated.

Everybody should be thinking to themselves, 'Do I have a tree of a size that could do damage to my home or my property?' said Damien Carre, with Oregon Tree Care.

He warned that homeowners should look for warning signs that include bulging or cracking around the base of a tree, spongy material on the trunk or base, and leaching or oozing.

A 30-foot cedar tree fell on a church Sunday night, after it was completely uprooted in the storm. Andrew Uzunoe said his in-laws were sleeping just feet away in their home.

It was lucky, he said. If it had gone the other way, it would have really crushed the house.

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