PORTLAND Nearly a year after a Sandy teenager died in a snowboarding accident on Mount Hood, her parents have filed a lawsuit against the ski resort.

Taylur Dewolf's parents are suing Skibowl for more than $500,000, but they say it isn't about the money.

They believe their 17-year-old daughter would still be alive if she had known how dangerous the Dog Leg Trail was the night she went boarding last January.

Background: 17-year-old girl dies in snowboarding accident at Skibowl

The run is listed as intermediate, but Dewolf's parents said there was a steep drop-off that led to their daughter hitting a tree and dying, despite wearing a helmet.

They want Skibowl to improve the run. They also want access to documents from the resort's accident investigation, which they say they've been denied.

They ignored us. We asked them as nicely as we could, Dewolf s father told KGW, and they essentially told us, If you want that information, sue us.

Skibowl operations manager Hans Wipper released the resort s official response, reading in part:

Skibowl has made every attempt to be sensitive to the Dewolf family s needs, including transporting the family to the accident scene for a memorial. The document requests by the Dewolf s attorney consisted of 48 categories of documents potentially constituting thousands of pages, most of which were completely unrelated to the accident. It was not possible to respond to such broad requests.

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