PORTLAND -- Many people in Portland thought they could park for free at metered spots Monday, until they found tickets on their windshields.

The City of Portland has received numerous complaints from drivers who didn t think they would have to pay to park on Veterans Day.

But the holiday technically fell on Sunday this year.

In 2009, the city started charging for parking seven days a week, and parking is only free if a holiday lands on a Sunday. With so many observing the holiday on Monday, there was plenty of confusion.

Enforcement officers wrote just over a thousand tickets more Monday than they do on a typical weekday. They worked, even though Portland city offices were closed Monday.

Madeline Potts was shocked to find a citation waiting for her.

I was really upset because I thought it was a holiday, she said. So I went back to the meter and I took a picture of it, too. It s Veterans Day.

The meters do display a sticker that lists the free parking holidays, but they don t give exact dates. According to the city, the electronic reader should let drivers know whether the current day is a parking holiday.

If it is a parking holiday, the meters will not accept payment.

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