Have you noticed how quickly the orange and black of Halloween gave way to the red and green of Christmas?

In many aisles the holiday hues collided as December 25th seemed to creep up the calendar.

A new survey showed more than 75 per cent of shoppers believe Christmas comes too early in the stores.

It's a little warm today and people are asking why we are putting up that garland? It doesn't feel like Christmas, remarked Patrick Alexander of Marshall Gardens.

His company decorates more than 30 commercial spaces for the holidays including Bridgeport village in Tigard.

Think about decorating your own home and then expand it by a hundred times and that's how long it's going to take, he said.

The tree at the entrance to the shopping area takes four days to set up and decorate.

We push it off as late as we can but that date usually comes around the first week of November that we start putting up decorations, said Bridgeport Village Marketing Director Sarah Sumpter.

The garland on lamp posts and the festive bears had some shoppers growling.

Let s deal with just Christmas. Why should it be part of election day? It seems kind of silly, remarked Ron Jones.

Others embrace the early arrival of red and green.

I saw them putting up the Christmas tree over there and I can't wait for all the tree lightings, said a smiling Angela Kitaris.

Lights will go on at Bridgeport Village the day after Thanksgiving In stores like Fred Meyer, Target, Wal Mart and Costco the holiday lights are already on and they re on sale.

At some stores, lights have been available since Labor Day.

Other decorations were added in October and by the first of November the shelves were fully stocked. Target ran its first Christmas commercial earlier than ever on October 16th.

I think it spoils the holiday because it becomes very commercial, said shopper Suzanne Jones.

The decorations may be reminding people to buy. More than 35 per cent of Americans do some holiday shopping in November.

It's important that we be festive and ready to go right when Black Friday rolls around and that takes weeks of decorating and planning, concluded the Marketing Manager of Bridgeport Village.

We would love it if we could snap our fingers and it could all be done but it just doesn't happen that way, added her chief decorator.

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