PORTLAND, Ore. -- On the day before the election, the get out the vote effort was not letting up for either major political party; both Democrats and Republicans were holding phone bank calling marathons to get voters to turn in their ballots.

In Southwest Portland, Republican candidate for state senate Suzanne Gallagher joined the phone bank and pitched for herself and the Republican presidential ticket.

Decision 2012: Your Election Guide

This is about turnout so absolutely that's what were doing here today and we'll be doing it all day tomorrow, said Gallagher.

At Pioneer Courthouse Square, a team of the state's top Democrats showed up to put their ballots in the drop box, as a way to encourage others to do the same. We see people based, on where we've been the past couple of days, very excited about the future and voting, said U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

In both Oregon and Washington, voter turnout appeared to be a little better than 50-percent on Monday.

In Washington, the Secretary of State is projecting am 81 percent turnout in the end.

Clark County's Elections Supervisor says voters in Southwest Washington are on par, to make or surpass the statewide projection.

We'll be over 80-percent and that will be really high for us. And I think the presidential (race) is probably the main thing. But we do have some state measures on there that have drawn some interest, said Tim Likness.

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