PORTLAND -- The University of Portland hosted a Eat Local Fish Challenge Tuesday, which taught students how eating some of the less-popular fish and seafood can help save the ocean.

Participants feasted on salmon, along with other fish like albacore tuna, that was caught off the Oregon Coast. They also sampled a variety of local sustainable oysters which regenerate their own habitat.

I ve never really had the opportunity to eat oysters at college so this is a little bit more gourmet, said student Matt Baer.

All the seafood served at the event came from less than 500 miles away. But a report released last week showed that more than 90% of the fish that Americans eat is imported from other countries.

Organizers said Oregon s albacore tuna comes from areas that have not been over-fished. So, eating the tuna ultimately helps in the effort to keep the ocean healthy.

UP s a Eat Local Fish Challenge was geared toward getting people to eat local fish, to help support ocean health and the Oregon fishing industry, too.

It does encourage them to try new things and broaden their scope of what local food is and can be, said chef Charles Simmons.

This unique food challenge was held at universities across the country. Here in Portland, it was organized by food service provider Bon Appetit.

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