PORTLAND -- A life was saved and lives were changed during a traumatic event at last year's Providence Bridge Pedal.

This is wonderful. I'm in heaven riding with my son, said Steve Dinwiddie who suffered a massive heart attack while riding with his 6-year-old son during last year's bridge pedal.

Dinwiddie crashed with his son Daniel on the back and doesn't remember anything. Daniel will never forget.

I saw him start weaving and then he fell over and the bike fell on me, said Daniel Dodd who is now 7. I didn't get hurt very bad, but I was crying about my dad.

Beth Daley-Colasurdo was riding behind them and immediately stopped to help.

This man was purple and that's when I pushed him on his back and started chest compressions, said Daley-Colasurdo who just happens to be a registered nurse at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

This year, Daniel, his Dad, and Beth will ride together in Sunday's Providence Bridge Pedal.

We've developed a wonderful friendship, said Dinwiddie.

This is fabulous. I'm just so excited to ride with him, said Daley-Colasurdo.

Dinwiddie comes from a family with a history of heart disease. He says over the past year he's changed his diet dramatically.

I'm forever grateful to everybody that helped me, said Dinwiddie

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