OREGON CITY -- Left sick and starving in a field near Rainier in Columbia County, some near death, four adult horses and one colt are safe thanks to the efforts of the Oregon Humane Society and the non-profit rescue group Sound Equine Options.

Authorities said the owner was afraid of getting caught and she hid the horses from them for days, leaving them in the sun with no water or food. Sound Equine Options found the horses Wednesday in a field in Rainer.

You're like oh my gosh, how can people do this? said Elizabeth Wolf, a volunteer with the non-profit.

The Oregon Humane Society first cited the owner in May for neglect of a different set of horses, those were taken away. When they came back for a checkup last week, they found the new set of neglected horses. They asked Sound Equine Options for help.

[We found one] cowering and shaking like someone had beat him, Wolf added.

The four adult horses will get better, but baby Ella is a different story.

She is 4-6 weeks old and extremely dehydrated, very weak. It's possible that she might not make it, Wolf said.

What s difficult, Wolf said, is that this could have all been prevented. Sound Equine Options offers free help for those struggling to take care of their horses.

Owners have options before it gets to this.

Authorities said the owner is facing criminal charges. The adult horses should take up to a full year to recover. The non-profit is looking for foster homes and eventually adoption of these animals.

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