BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Beaverton School District on Thursday began laying off 204 teachers in a difficult move to help solve its $37 million budget shortfall.

The teachers were getting personal calls from their principals to inform them that their jobs had been cut. These included teachers from all subjects and all schools in the district.

Some of the laid-off teachers had as much as 12 years experience, according to a school district fact sheet. But most were new teachers still in their probationary period, which means they had only been with the district between 1 and 3 years.

Sue Robertson, Chief Human Resource Officer for the district said it was a sad day and the worst teacher layoffs the district has experienced in 20 years.

Officials said they expected it to take until the end of the week to call everyone impacted.

In addition to the teacher layoffs, district officials said librarian positions were getting cut. They said librarians with teaching credentials may get moved into classrooms if they have seniority.

Of the teachers who did not lose their jobs, some will be getting transferred to other schools.

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