SALEM -- Oregon now has some of the clearest, if not strongest, home foreclosure laws on the books to help struggling homeowners.

I think now with these new rules, it's clear there's a problem and we're jumping on it and we're going to do everything we can to help the homeowners and the real estate industry survive in this state, said Associate Attorney General Keith Dubanevich.

That s good news for folks like the Drakes in Damascus. Caryn Drake said, We don t want to lose our house and we don t want to force someone to pay for us either.

Drake said her husband Larry lost his job of 23 years and for the past year has been working at another job that only pays slightly over minimum wage. She s on disability but said every time she calls her lender to see if they can modify their home loan, she s told they make too much money.

Drake said several different lenders told her that if she would just miss a couple of house payments she would qualify for a home modification loan.

Dubanevich explained, If they're told they don't qualify for a loan modification unless they stop paying, that's probably wrong. These new rules clearly now delineate things that are forbidden in our state. You can t do these things and if you do you're violating Oregon Law.

More details about the new home foreclosure rules and regulations can be found on the Oregon Consumer Protection Web site.

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