PORTLAND - For first date destinations Portland singles are choosing doughnuts downtown, places with perfect views, affordable meals, animals, art, coffee and music.

The dating website called How about We . . . matches singles based on their choice of a first date. A list of top ten most popular choices was compiled using the selections of 10 thousand Portland singles. Powell s Books topped the list, followed by the Oregon Zoo and Mississippi Studios.

Many of my clients talk about coffee dates and hiking, said Portland relationship counselor Julie Jeske. She believes matching singles through first date preferences can work. If you re being really truthful about what you like to do then you may match interests and then you can create a relationship from there.

Other first date options on the list: At number 4 Pioneer Courthouse Square. Five is a ride on the OHSU Tram. Six is Widmer Brewing, seven Portland Art Museum and Voodoo Doughnuts finished at number eight.

The names on the doughnuts make for a good conversation starter, said customer Rachel Gnegy. Number nine, The Hush Hush Cafe may be the least known destination for first dates but its loyal customers can understand why it made the list.

It s a lot of food for not much money and I ve never had a bad meal there, said David Becker, plus there s a very friendly atmosphere.

In the tenth spot is the popular picnic and hiking destination Pittock Mansion.

The survey also showed Portland is the only place in the country where singles have more first dates with coffee than they do with alcohol.

Dog walking is another popular choice because according to How About We . . .

Portland singles are the most pet friendly. In the end what you choose to do on a first date can say something about you.

The Powell s first date might be for those who are shy and find comfort in the books while Voodoo Doughnuts could show you re quirky and more adventurous, concluded Jeske.

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