OREGONCITY -- It's been a long road for the businesses in Oregon City with the Arch Bridge closure about a year-and-half ago, plus a remake of Main Street.

Despite all that, more businesses are moving in.

When there was talk of the bridge closing for two years, businesses were more than worried. There was fear, downtown would become a ghost town.

While it hasn't been easy,most business owners said, communication from ODOT and a joining of forces to promote downtown has helped keep people coming.

It was decided while the bridge was being redone, it would be a good time to spiff up main street with new sidewalks, streetlights, curbs and store facades.

It's like tearing off the bandage, let's just do it all at once, get everything taken care of so that when the bridge reopens it's brand new downtown, everything's done , said Terri Powers, chairman of Main Street Oregon City.

Despite the hassle, several businesses have decided now was a good time to take a chance.

A new Mexican restaurant, a hat shop, tobacco shop and an arcade have set up shop in the past few months.

Businesses will celebrate over the several Saturdays, with music, art and specials to show off the work in progress called Saturday's in the city.

The Arch Bridge is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

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