PORTLAND The Parkrose School District and the teacher's union met Tuesday and worked out final details to a new contract, avoiding a strike that could have started Wednesday.

The Parkrose Faculty Association and the district both confirmed to KGW that the two sides had reached final agreement. Details have not been released.

The union expects to take a final vote on the new contract on May 3. The school board must also make a formal vote to rafify the contract.

David McKay, director of human resources for the district, said the initial agreement was reached about 7 a.m. last Friday after 13 straight hours of productive bargaining.

He said everyone walked away happy from the negotiations, and pleased that the settlement terms would benefit students, community and staff.

The dispute had become grim before the settlement, with the union authorizing a strike. The district didn't blink, issuing a specific plan to keep schools open.

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