PORTLAND -- Assistant Chief of the Portland Police Bureau, Eric Hendricks, says a so called code of silence among gang members is hurting their ability to solve crimes, including murders.

The plea comes at a time when gang shootings are on the rise. The bureau s Gang Enforcement Team has responded to 37 gang-related shootings so far this year, police said.

That s up from roughly 25 at this same time last year.

There s been a number of recent crimes that are gang related that are unsolved and detectives feel very strongly that there are folks out there that have important information, Hendricks said. We urge them to come forward and share that with detectives.

On Friday, officers were called to a shooting at Rose City Park in Northeast Portland to find 20-year-old Marquis Glover suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

He was shot near the basketball courts outside of Rice Elementary School, not far from a little league baseball game.

The victim is expected to survive, but the man who shot him has not been found, police said.

Hendricks wouldn t comment on whether Glover was cooperating with investigators, but says the code of silence is adhered to so tightly by gang-members that it s not uncommon for victims to not talk to investigators.

It s something they (gang members) recognize and as a result of that, even when a victim is shot, unfortunately many of them don t cooperate with police.

The suspect in Friday s shooting is described as a black male in his late teens or early 20 s who was seen leaving the area in a red car.

I think it only takes one person, Hendricks said. When one person comes forward, when one person has the courage to come forward, then that would hopefully encourage another person to come forward and another person to come forward. And, people would realize, hey if we all do this together we re standing up for our community.

Anyone with information about the case was urged to contact Detective Mitch Hergert at (503) 823-2081, or

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