PORTLAND -- A family who sued and settled with the City of Portland over a man's death from police gunfire said Wednesday they wanted to avoid the pain of a trial.

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Marva Davis, the mother of 25-year-old Aaron Campbell, who was shot to death during a police standoff in Northeast Portland in January, 2010. A $1.2 million settlement payout followed earlier this year.

Campbell's mother said she agreed to settle fearing she'd have to relieve the pain of his death if there was a trial.

Hopefully we can have justice for everyone, she said. Black, white, red, just justice, somebody has got to take a stand.

MayorSam Adams personally apologized to Campbell s family last week.

As a mother, I regrettably do not believe my living sons are safe, Davis said at the time. That bond of community trust has been broken. I cannot say to them that if there is a mental health crisis... 'call the police.'

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On the day of the shooting, Campbell threatened to kill himself after learning his younger brother had died from a heart condition in the hospital. Campbell came out of his apartment with his hands behind his head but was shot by a police officer.

Officers Ronald Frashour, Ryan Lewton and sergeants Liani Reyna and John Birkinbine were named as defendants in the suit, along with the City of Portland. Frashour was eventually cleared in the shooting, but later fired.

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The lawsuit alleged that the Portland Police Bureau had created an under-trained, undisciplined culture that created the circumstances in which Campbell was shot.

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