PORTLAND - TriMet officers wrote tickets for $175 each to dozens of riders Tuesday afternoon, before announcing a crackdown on fare evaders would continue.

TriMet announced another $1.5 million grant from the TSA to hire more officers to patrol MAX trains.

The agency said it had brought in about $460,000 more this year during its crackdown. The Oregonian reported that the amount still fell short of the $580,00 cost of enforcers during that time frame.

In November, TriMet issued 1,200 tickets to folks riding without paying.

An average of 250 people are showing up in court every Tuesday to get their ticket cut down to $50 or do eight hours of community service.

Our goal here is not to issue citations, it's to get people to pay their fare and that's the message, General Manager Neil Mcfarlane said.

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