PORTLAND - The cost of restoring the two parks after Occupy Portland was estimated at an additional $85,850, according to Portland Parks and Recreation.

The city said those costs are in addition to $45,000 in labor and materials spent during the encampments in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares starting October 6 and ending November 13, when police cleared out the protesters and squatters.

The bulk of those costs went to repairing the restrooms for $28,000, and repairing damaged turf and plants at nearly $16,000.

Photos:Squares before Occupy | Before and after eviction

Officials said they did not find any evidence of obvious soil contamination and that long-term effects on the trees would not be known until spring or later.

Fences will stay in place for the restoration work. So far, Umpqua Bank has donated $25,000 and nearly 100 private contributors have donated $8,000.

People walking by the area Wednesday told KGW they were disappointed in the condition of the parks.

It's not very pleasant for the eye for sure, said Portland resident Olga Muklanovich. It's is a mess, a big mess.

The city said volunteers and donated professional services would be used for the restoration.

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Occupy Portland protesters were planning a rally at City Hall on Saturday, to challenge the city's anti-camping ordinance. A demonstration was also planned at West Coast ports on Dec. 12.

Some of the demonstrators told KGW on Wednesday that they were getting unfairly blamed for the extent of the damage.

There are things on the list [itemized repair list] such as raking leaves, that just aren't attributable to Occupy unless you are going to blame Occupy for the leaves falling, one protester named Remi said.

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