PORTLAND -- A Gresham man faces federal charges after admitting that he flew from Portland to Guam with 500 rounds of ammunition in his carry-on luggage.

The man's daughter told KGW that he intended to declare the ammunition as part of his checked luggage and her father must have unintentionally left the bullets in a carry-on.

A federal magistrate's complaint out of Guam states that Nario Eter, 66, deliberately undertook efforts to ensure (he) would defeat TSA security measures at Portland International Airport.

He boarded the flight on Monday after using an unspecified type of grey tape to conceal the ammunition in a carry-on bag. The complaint does not specify exactly what kind of ammunition it was.

Guam investigators found the ammunition while he was trying to board a connecting flight to Micronesia.

Read the federal court document

Eter was due back in Guam in November for a court appearance. He doesn't appear to have a criminal history in Oregon.

FBIspokesman Tom Simon said Eter didn't have any plans to hurt anyone with the bullets.

His daughter Judy Eter told KGW that the incident was all a mistake that started with a rush to pack up and leave for the airport. He intended to declare the ammunition and place it in checked luggage.

Her father fishes with a gun in Micronesia because of a disability she did not specify. She said her father is a good man, he's a good person.

Her father was well aware of firearms safety, she said, and a gun was never a part of the Monday episode. He has no gun at his Gresham home.

TSA representatives said they could not comment on the case Thursday, citing an ongoing investigation.

Passengers who spoke with KGW Friday morning were surprised and disappointed at the security breach.

They put a lot of security out here, said passenger Cy Smith, We're spending a lot of money as taxpayers, and it shouldn't have happened. So, if we're going to spend our money, they need to do the job correctly.

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