PORTLAND On Sunday, Portland held its own event to mark the 10-year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Fire Station 21 in Southeast Portland hosted the special celebration. Firefighters, along with police officers, members of Oregon s congressional delegation and city officials all took part.

The ceremony also provided citizens a chance to gather and share their memories of the devastating attacks.

This is a day when we get to appreciate our first responders, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said.

The Portland ceremony was filled with emotion and touching details.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard, a former firefighter himself, rang a bell in memory of the first responders who lost their lives.

Former Portland firefighter Wes Loucks was one of four local firefighters who traveled to New York just days after the attacks.

At Sunday s event, Loucks said the memories of New York were still fresh on his mind. When we first arrived, the sights sounds and smells were overwhelming. No pictures or video can do justice to what we saw and heard back there, he said.

Many people took time Sunday to stop and reflect on what they were doing a decade ago when word of the attacks began to spread.

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