PORTLAND -- A bail hearing Friday revealed that accused Yashanee Vaughn killer Parrish Bennette Jr., claimed to his father that he accidentally discharged a gun, killing Vaughn.

In court testimony Friday, a Portland police detective also detailed the pools of blood that soaked through carpet in the room of 16-year-old Parrish Bennette Jr. and the teenager's alleged attempts to clean it up.

The testimony came during a bail hearing for Bennette, who has been accused of murder and manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend, Yashanee Vaughn.

Bennette told his father that after killing Vaughn, he disposed of the body, a detective testified Friday. Bennette declined to answer questions about the death in interviews with investigators, and Yashanee Vaughn's body has yet to be found.

During the bail hearing, prosecutors also showed DNA evidence they said placed Bennette at the murder scene. Also, two of Bennette s friends told police that they were driving with him in the car a few days after the murder when Bennette gave them a revolver and said I served with this gun -- meaning he did something bad, Det.MarkSlater said.

The detective said Bennette told the friends, Don t let anybody find you with this gun, before a spent shell casing was taken out and thrown out of the moving vehicle.

Det. Slater said he did not think the murder was premeditated or that there was an accomplice at the scene.

Family of victim angry after hearing

The family of the murdered teen turned out in force at the hearing.

At a news conference held after the hearing, Yashanee Vaughn's mother Shaquita Louis said that the hearing brought frustration and a lot of anger to her family.

It's been a long three months and it's time to let us know where she's at so we can get a closure, she said. (Bennette) just had a black heart like he didn't care, like it was funny to him. It was very difficult.

One of Vaughn's uncles was escorted out of the proceeding after he spoke out about what he interpreted as a smirk from the 16-year-old Bennette as he entered the courtroom.

The family was concerned that the level of detail that comes out in the bail hearing might harm the case.

Vaughn's body has never been found. The family has held a series of emotional vigils, led searches, distributed posters, all in an effort to keep the case in front of the public and to prod officials to continue active searches for her remains.

We have suffered for three long months, Shaquite Louis, Yashanee's mother, said.

We feel like, they said it shouldn't have left that room, and it shouldn't have left that room, she said of the homicide details. We don't know how close we are to getting Yashanee back now.

Bennette was being held in a juvenile detention facility before the hearing.

Det. MarkSharp described evidence recovered from Bennette's bedroom, bloody shoes, shorts and blood-soaked floorboards under freshly cleaned carpet. Forensic chemicals also revealed a blood smeared wall.

DNA tests showed the blood came from Vaughn.

Sharp also said Bennette on the ride home from the first police interview said to his father You told on me.

In this photo, corrections officers escort Bennette to his bail hearing Friday morning.

KGWReporter Katherine Cook contributed to this report

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