PORTLAND - A bicyclist reportedly hit Mayor Sam Adams' car at an intersection near City Hall.

Adams was behind the wheel at the time of the accident, a statement from City Hall confirmed. There were no major injuries.

City Hall spokeswoman Amy Ruiz said Adams was driving his city-issued Prius to an event at Lincoln High School when his vehicle was rear-ended by a woman riding a bicycle along SW Columbia Street.

Ruiz said Adams intended to turn left onto SW 4th, at a green light, when he braked for a female jogger crossing the street.

The Mayor heard and felt something bump into the back right side of his vehicle, Ruiz said.

Adams got out and helped the woman on the bike to the sidewalk, as another cyclist also stopped to help.

The woman declined medical attention and exchanged contact information with Adams and other witnesses.

Ruiz said the City Attorney provided information to the City's Risk Management department who investigates any crash involving a publicly-owned vehicle.

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