PORTLAND -- On the first 80-degree weekend of the year Oregon bicyclists hit the road in big numbers, but the quick switch from winter to summer posed some dangers.

A bicyclist crashed on a road off of Larch Mountain Saturday and was taken by LifeFlight to Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

Firefighters and bicycling advocates called it a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be. Tom Layton, of the Corbett Fire Department, answered Saturday's call.

He said the roads were still riddled with winter weather gravel and debris, which can mean trouble for bicyclists.

Jesse Fairbank, of River City Bicycles said it's important to pay attention at all times. My advice is to look down the road, Fairbank said. The further you're looking ahead, the sooner you have a heads up about what might be a hazard.

I would say it's important to anticipate if you're coming up to a sharp curve or something like that, he added. You think about what may be around the road ahead of you.

Fairbank also said bicyclists should be visible, but not in the way of other traffic.

Follow the rules of the road, he said, ride single file and always wear a helmet.

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