HILLSBORO, Ore. -- Oregon Congressman David Wu is trying to mend fences with constituents following reports about his odd behavior on the campaign trail and concerns about his mental health.

Wu spoke briefly Monday at the Washington County Public Affairs Forum in Beaverton, telling about 50 people at the weekly luncheon that he's capable of doing his job despite persistent reports about his mental health.

Seven of Wu's staff members resigned after some of them tried to persuade Wu to seek psychiatric treatment. The congressman repeated Monday that he's being treated and is in a good place.

Wu spoke at a Washington County public affairs forum Monday, assuring the audience he was back on his game and working hard in Washington D.C. on educationbudgetand high-technology issues.

Wu would not talk specifically about the behavior that drove away much of his key staffand he would not discuss his specific illness.

If anything good comes out of this, it really is that you know people with challenges people who are raising their kids alone, people with stress in their life people with mental health issues they should be able to talk about these things, he said.

Last weekend in Astoria, Wu continued his tour through his district over the weekend, to reassure constituents that he is still fit to serve.

Wu met Saturday with political leaders from the northern Oregon coast at a seafood restaurant in Astoria, the Daily Astorian reports.

Wu apologized for his behavior documented in reports over the last month, which included sending his staff photos of himself wearing a tiger costume.

Six staff members quit after his 2010 re-election campaign during which the congressman gave angry speeches and talked his way inside the secure portion of Portland International Airport.

Wu says he plans to appear in every county in his district this weekend.

Among those gathered were members of the city council, county commission and the mayors of Astoria and Warrenton.

KGWReporter RandyNeves contributed to this report

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