A consumer alert for trick-or-treaters this Halloween. What's in their costumes could be spookier than the outfits themselves.

According to the Environmental Working Groups many of those flexible plastic Halloween face masks contain PVC, a chemical shown to be harmful to kids.

The group also says youngsters should stay away from the colored hair-sprays which may contain toxic chemicals children can breath in.

And perhaps of most concern are halloween face-paints. Some may contain lead.

In fact there was a test done last year for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and all of the face paints they tested had lead in them and lead is particularly concerning for young children because it s a neurotoxin and can impact their brain development, explained Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis with the Oregon Environmental Council.

The good news for concerned parents is that many stores offer non-toxic alternatives for kids like wigs instead of hairsprays, half masks instead of full, or costumes that keep your child's face free and clear.

You can find more ways to green your halloween including recipe s for homemade face-paint here.

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