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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Searchers returned to Sauvie Island Sunday looking for any trace of Kyron Horman. This is the second weekend in a row.

Sunday's effort included 80 searchers from eight counties, again focusing on the eastern side of the island along Rentenaar Road.

Crews focused on the eastern end of the island Saturday. They worked their way through a remote wildlife area along the Columbia County line.

On foot, horseback and ATV, 15 teams conducted the search in the rain. Most of them are volunteers, giving up their weekends to aid the effort.

It's not based on new information, Lt Mary Lindstrand told KGW, it's just being thorough in the investigation.

Some of the areas that they're searching are pretty rugged and it does require that they be searched again, Lindstrand said.

Sauvie Island residents hope renewed focus on the island is a sign that closure is near and that Kyron Horman will be found soon.

More than 100 people scoured the rural area last week. More:Sauvie Island search

Kyron's father and stepmother Thursday were told their divorce filing would be delayed until next year.

Judge Keith Meisenheimer ruled Thursday afternoon that the divorce case would be held in abatement until January 6, 2011. Terri's divorce attorney Peter Bunch said she agreed to an immediate divorce, but wanted financial and custody issues decided at a later date.

Father Kaine and stepmother Terri Moulton-Horman of 7-year-old Kyron are going through a divorce, filed by Kaine last summer.In addition, a restraining order was filed against Terri at the time. Kyron disappeared fromSkyline Elementary onJune 4.

Kaine has said he also suspects his estranged wife was involved in the disappearance of Kyron. No suspects have been named in the case.

If you put the truth out there and it is not incriminating, then why wouldn't she say what happened? he said.

We don't even have an indictment, Kaine's attorney Laura Rackner said. So we don't even have a limit as to how long this can go on. It's about her convenience and what she wants for herself.

Kaine and Terri Horman arrived amid a sea of national and local news crews Thursday morning.

There is no doubt she is in the crosshairs of the state's investigation, Bunch said. Virtually anything she says can be used by the state.

Bunch said Terri would likely incriminate herself in divorce proceedings and would plead the Fifth Amendment.

Judge Meisenheimer will also hear Kaine Horman's motion questioning the source of money Terri used to pay her lawyer, Stephen Houze, an amount he claims totals $350,000. Terri's attorneys deny she paid that much.

Last week, Kyron's mother Desiree Young made a public plea for more help to incease the reward in the case. Desiree appealed for help from Terri's parents in Roseburg, where Terri is now living.The reward stands at just over $80,000 for information leading toKyron. Details:Reward plea

In September, Multnomah CountySheriff Dan Staton announced the investigation would be streamlined into a task force, to focus on gathering evidence on the most likely theory detectives are working on over how Kyron disappeared.

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KGWReporterKyle Iboshi and AP contributed to this report

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