PORTLAND, Ore. -- Safety advocates are pushing TriMet to install new cameras that focus on bus drivers. Currently security cameras are aimed at passenger areas and outside the buses.

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If you put a camera in their face, they are going to be on their best behavior, said David Sale.

The Vancouver man's daughter, Danielle Sale was one of two women that died after being hit by a TriMet bus in April.

Last month, Washington D.C. installed a new camera system that focuses on it's drivers. The cameras record constantly. But, when a driver makes an extreme movement, like braking or swerving, the cameras capture the eight seconds before the incident and the four seconds after.

DriveCam is in use by transit agencies in San Francisco, Austin and New Jersey.

If you need some money for some cameras, I'll go to the public. We'll get it, said Sale during testimony before TriMet's Board of Directors on Wednesday.

Since January, eight TriMet drivers have been disciplined for violating the agency's distracted driver policy.

This week, TriMet sent out a letter to all of its operators reminding them about the policy forbidding the use of any electronics while on duty.

We have been talking about the dangers of using electronic devices at TriMet for years, the letter from Executive Director Shelly Lomax read. It is disheartening that for a small number of employees, the message is not getting through.

Lomax said a top-to-bottom safety review was under way with federal safety officials, and that failure to adhere to new standards would result in discipline up to and including termination.

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