HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A Portland man attempting to beat the world record score for the classic Atari game Missile Command fell just short of the record score Monday.


Bill Carlton has been playing for more than two days in the basement of a Hillsboro home. The final score was 56,670,000.

The current recond is 80.3 million points -- a record set in December 1982 by Victor Ali, according to game-scoring authority Twin Galaxies.

According to the organization's website, Carlton's previous best was 45.8 million points, set in 2008.

Carlton is one of the leading players of Missile Command. He was the subject of a movie caled High Score, which followed a previous attempt to beat the record.

Carlon was vying for the new record in the same Hillsboro home in which John McAllister beat the Asteroids world record in April.

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