PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new school year brings new change at Skyline Elementary school, including extra security.

Seven-year-old Kyron Horman, a student at the school, was last seen on school grounds the morning of June 4.

State of the art surveillance cameras were installed throughout the building over the summer.

It's a pretty sophisticated system, said Matt Shelby of Portland Public Schools. The pictures are going to be usable pictures, you'll be able to identify people. It is not going to be kind of the blurry convenience store camera that you may see from time to time.

The cameras will monitor activity both inside and outside the school.

The cameras on the exterior actually give us the ability to cover pretty much the entire school grounds, said Shelby. Chown Hardware, aA local hardware company, donated the equipment to the school.

Meanwhile, the Wall of Hope was moved to a nearby fire house in time for the start of school. Kyron s family and school officials agreed to move the Wall of Hope to insure that strangers would not be on school grounds. More: Wall of Hope moved

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