PORTLAND Portland reached 94 degrees on Friday, falling just short of setting a heat record for the second straight day. After three days in the 90s, the weekend was expected to cool off to the 80s.

Friday's 94 degrees was just short of the record of 96. Thursday's high of 97 fell just one degree short of the all-time record. Wednesday's high of 94 in Portland broke the 93-degree record set back in 1996.

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A Heat Advisory was in effect through Friday at 8 p.m. for the region.

The expected weekend cooling pattern was caused by a shift in wind direction.

The winds have changed direction and are now coming in from the west, which means we will feel the moderating effect of the ocean, KGWMeteorologist Nick Allard explained.

The coast, Coast Range and areas near the river will feel the biggest changes Friday, while Portland will still be hot through Friday, Allard added.

Clean air agencies in the region also issued an Air Quality Advisory through Friday night, saying smog levels were rising and people with respiratory problems should try to stay inside.

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That means you should check on friends and neighbors that don't have access to air conditioning or maybe are sensitive to the heat, Allard said.

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Pollution levels typically peak in the late afternoon and early evening.

Officials said people should avoid refuel during cooler evening hours and waiting until the heat wave breaks to use mowers and gas-powered equipment. Also to avoiding painting and using aerosol sprays until it cools off.

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