PORTLAND, Ore. -- The family of Kyron Horman answered personal questions about the 7-year-old via Multnomah County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Shults during a Saturday media briefing and also explained some of their outings in the last week - to stores and a health club.

Shults said that the family was extremely stressed by their Friday press conference appearance - the first time they've spoken publicly - but understood that the public might have wanted to learn more about Kyron. To that end, they answered a set of prepared questions that provided a more detailed picture of Kyron.

VIDEO: Watch answers about Kyron

Kyron's favorite color is red, they said. Kyron is a quiet and loving child who likes fishing, art, and flying in airplanes. Bootsy, his cat, would follow him to the school bus stop every day. He loves his dog Ernie in Medford. Kyron has a belly laugh that endears him to friends.

When he grows up, Kyron wants to be a police investigator. This summer, he planned to go on a jet boat trip in July, to Lake Shasta in August and to Seaside for his birthday.

Capt. Shults also said two companies volunteered to help them print the T-shirts they wore that reproduced the missing flier. Several of the T-shirts were provided to the media. Shults offered no other details on the shirts.

The morning Kyron disappeared, the family said he was in good spirits, excited about the tree frog diorama he had created for the science fair, Shults said.

The captain said he had two questions of his own that he knew the media wanted answered. One was about the family participating in the search. Shults said that, on the night Kyron disappeared, the family looked in earnest for Kyron. When police arrived, the searchers needed the parents to stay put and provide information. From a tactical standpoint, the parents had already exhausted what they could do personally by moving around and searching, he said.

The other question was about why the family continued to use their social network connections, go out to the store and to a health club.Shults said they were asked to by police experts, who wanted them to continue their normal routine to the degree possible. The parents told police their normal routine was to have Kyron join them and it was painful and awkward to try and continue normal routines, which have been very abnormal for them in the last week.

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