PORTLAND -- Two local top-notch investigators are raising serious doubts as to whether a stranger may have played a role in Kyron Horman's disappearance.

While detectives were keeping mum on details of the investigation, former Portland Police Detective CW Jensen was speaking out. To me, it seems strange, he said.

Jensen has walked in lead investigator Captain Jason Gates' shoes. In 1989 he investigated Westley Allan Dodd for torturing and murdering a four-year-old boy in Vancouver.

It was like an anchor on my shoulders, explained Jensen, Every waking moment you are thinking of the case.

While investigators in the Kyron case beg for tips, Jensen said they really need that one person to come forward.

Everybody said God, we need more tips but we really needed one good tip.

Like Detective Jensen, criminal profiler Dr. Ron Turco also worked the Dodd case and drew a confession from the killer in three hours. While he had to befriend Dodd and get into his head psychologically, he has learned tools to provide insight into the Kyron case.

You have to hypothesize that he went with someone he knew. A family member or someone associated with the family, said Dr. Turco.

After all, Kyron was on top of the world as he just presented his science fair project at Skyline Elementary, said Dr. Turco. Something doesn't fit. He was an intelligent boy and was very proud of what he did at school.

So why did he wander off or walk off with a stranger?

Investigators won't go any further than to say he is missing.

Despite years of investigating tough child murder cases, even the most hardened of detectives feel an emotional connection to Kyron and hope will come home soon.

People want to know the child is going to be okay and that there will be a happy ending, said Jensen.

Dr. Turco concurred. And he's probably okay, eating an ice cream cone someplace.

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