NEWPORT, Ore. - The Killer Whales are passing through the OregonCoast.

The middle of April is also Orca season from Cascade Head all the way down to Florence. The state organization Whale Watching Spoken Here says there may be more than usual this year.

The killer whales were called transient whales, meaning officials don't know where they come from. Theylive off of seals and baby Gray whales.

Spotters have been seeing a few of the Orcas in the past couple weeks. The whales often gather around the jetties of Yaquina Bay in Newport.

This past two seasons, spotters have also reported seeing large numbers of the regular Graywhales along the Coast.

We had six or seven sightings of them during that week, Morris Grover, with the Whale Watch Spoken Here program, said. We always have them during Whale Watch, but this is four or five times more than normal. We also saw a lot more baby Gray whales during that time. While we don't know why the Orcas showed up so soon, we think it's possible they figured out the babies were around and were hunting them.

Grover said these Orcas more shark-like than what are nicknamed the friendly whales, from the San Juan Islands and live on salmon.

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