EUGENE, Ore. -- University of Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli's criminal past could impact his pending burglary case.

Masoli is scheduled to appear in a Eugene courtroom Friday afternoon in connection with a fraternity house theft. Masoli's prior criminal record is sealed because he was a juvenile.

But various sources including media accounts, a former classmate and a friend of the family indicate Masoli and several high school teammates were arrested in June of 2005 in San Mateo, California.

Masoli, then 17 pleaded guilty. He was expelled from high school and sentenced to three months in a juvenile detention center.

He was basically barred from playing as a senior in high school down there and ended up going to Hawaii to play as a senior, explained veteran sportswriter and radio host Dwight Jaynes.

Masoli is currently facing burglary charges for the January theft of a computer from a University of Oregon fraternity house. Legal experts note that in most cases a conviction for second degree burglary would only result in probation.

But, Masoli has a record.

If you are a prosecutor or the judge, you may say hey, he had a robbery and depending on the fact pattern of that robbery he may decide this is somebody that needs to be treated a little more harshly, explained former prosecutor and defense lawyer John Gutbezahl.

Masoli has generally avoided talking to the media about his criminal past. In 2007, Masoli told the San Francisco Examiner, I did something wrong and being punished for it was the right thing.

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